At the Sprachschule Drebing Academy we teach German to students of all ages and levels.


We have groups for all those who want to learn the language or want to improve their knowledge of it.


Four different teaching and learning methods are the foundation of our concept. Each of them is focused on a specific age range.


The first one is adapted for children 2 years and older . The program includes dynamic activities, focused on games and understanding the language - fun and learning a language. We use different media for teaching, from poetry and stories to songs, theater and educational games.


The second method is focused on children up to 12 years of age , the third for adolescents and, finally, the fourth for adults .


For adolescents and adults we also use a dynamic approach so that they can cope with ease in daily life, deepen their knowledge of the language and / or prepare for official exams.  


All our groups are tailor-made based on the needs of our students and organized according to their age and language level!


The objective of our academy is a high quality teaching based on private and group classes, together with a professional and personalized service .

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